Sunday, March 10, 2013

Slow but sure

It's been about six weeks since the first batch of review requests went out, and they're starting to come back.

I'm getting good reviews. The Trip on has seven positive reviews - mostly from people that don't know me. Including one blogger out in Germany who's going to be posting the review to his blog.

I'll take a positive review when I can get them. I have to admit finding people to review the book is proving to be easy; getting them to read and post is tough. A lot (I'd say all) these people are probably doing this in their spare time. They've got lives and day jobs.

I appreciate everyone who's offered to review or written one. I just wish I could do more to get people to buy the book, but this is the reality of being an author. I'll be lucky if I sell 100 books (I'd be ecstatic to sell 101 to tell you the truth).

Like a character in a novel, that little bit of hope that the story will catch fire and become a hit keeps me going. My Survivorman - Zombie Apocalypse video on YouTube caught on. It didn't happen overnight - it was over a period of about six months, but when it hit, its hit count climbed very quickly. It's since tapered off, but it proves that I *can* do this...I've done it before, and that was before social networking existed.

Here's to hoping as the reviews come in, more people will be interested in reading the book and convert to sales.

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